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BADOTHERM Thermowell

Selling Thermowell Badhoterm

 In an industrial system operation, temperature measurement is one of the important processes. However, the use of thermometers in harsh industrial environments to measure temperature sometimes can not last long (broken). This might be caused by strong air flow, corrosion, too high a temperature, pressure, to turbulence. If the thermometer is damaged during the operation process, it can disrupt the instrumentation and automation processes that are running which can result in delays in the production of a product. In addition, there can also be a leak in the medium of a process, which can be fatal to the safety of workers in small industries and large factories.

Selling thermowell which functions as a protective medium between the thermometer and the medium used during the operation process. Thermowell is also easy to use and reduces manufacturing costs. Selling thermowell that is easy in the installation and maintenance of the thermometer. And also reduce production costs and the risk of accidents.

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