TECO Single Phase Induction Motor AEEA
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23 Apr 2020
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Induction Motor

Specification of TECO Single Phase Induction Motor AEEA

  • Brand: TECO Motor
  • Series: AEEA
  • Power Supply: AC, Three Phase, 60 Hz, 230/460 (Can be Used at 208 V) and 575 V. 50 Hz and Other Voltage Below 600 V are also available on request.
  • Enclosure: Enclosed Total Cooling Fan per NEMA MG-1 specification; Also meets the IEC IP-44 enclosure and IC-0141 cooling method specifications.
  • Duty Rating: Continuous rating with a service factor of 1.15.
  • Ambient Temperature: Standard motors are designed for ambient temperature ranges of -10 ° C (12.25 ° F) to 40 ° C (104 ° F) applications.
  • Altitude: Standard motors are designed for applications at altitudes not exceeding 3,300 feet (1000 meters) above sea level.
  • Performance: All standard motors meet or exceed NEMA Design B or C performance requirements.
  • End Brackets and Brackets: Stator frames and end brackets are detachable from high grade pig iron for exceptional corrosion resistance and longer motor life; done precisely to close tolerances and drilled jigs to ensure rigid alignment, minimum vibration and exchange of parts.
  • Cooling System: The unique design of the High-Flap Fin is thrown integrally with the frame and end brackets. Enhanced external high airflow fan ensures low temperature rise, low noise and increases motor life
  • High strength plastic external fans are used for 143T to 256TT (3600, 1800, 1200 RPM) and 280TS (3600 RPM) motor frames; Standard cast iron fan on motor frame 284T-5009; steel plate for anothe
  • Bearing and Lubrication System: Oversized bearings are made of vacuum degassed steel. Protected double friction, pre-packed with Alvania No. lithium-base lubricant 3, ball bearings are used on frames 143T-286T and 256TS (3600 RPM). Larger motors are equipped with open bearings and built-in grease fittings.
  • Rotor Assembly: Squirrel cage rotor rods are die-cast from high conductivity aluminum and are integrally mounted with end rings and waffer fan blades. All rotor assemblies are dynamically balanced and the surface is treated with a corrosion free coating. The shaft is made of ANSI 1040 or 1045 steel.
  • Stator, Winding and Insulation System: Stator lamination is made from high-quality cold-rolled electro-magnetic steel for high efficiency.
  • Mounting: Horizontal Mounted with Standard F-1 mounting assemblies. The F-2 mounting assembly can be obtained by turning over the frame, except for frames 5007 and larger.
  • Direction of Rotation: All standard motors are bidirectional. 3600 RPM motor with frame 5007 and larger is CCW only sees the shaft end.
  • Connections: 5HP and below have 9 leads with Wye connections; 7½ HP through 365T is 9 leads with Delta Connection; Frames 404T and larger with horsepower up to 125 HP have 12 leads (Double Voltage) suitable for cross lanes and Wye Delta Starting. 150 HP and newer with 6 leads (Single Voltage) suitable for start-line and Wye-Delta.
  • Tests: Online routine tests and complete tests are carried out according to NEMA MG-1-12 standards and ANSI / IEEE 112-1978, Method B.
  • Hot-coated, heat-resistant and waterproof polyester-coated copper enameled wire is used for stator winding.
  • Class F non-hygroscopic insulation systems are standard and meet or exceed NEMA / IEEE standards. Stator with rolls are widely used and baked with moisture free varnish. Additional enamel coating is applied to 404T and larger frames
  • Conduit Box: Jumbo conduit box rotated 90 degrees made to exceed NEMA and NEC requirements. Boxes are inserted between frames, boxes and covers for better protection against dust. The box for the frame 143T - 356 T is made of stamped steel, a larger size than cast-iton with NPT thread for easy installation. The ground terminal is located in the drain box. Additional ground lugs for frames 404T and larger are installed in the frame
  • Nameplates: Nameplates are made of stainless steel that is corrosive free, and complete with connection diagrams up to frame 365T. Separate stainless steel connection nameplate for frames 404T and larger.
  • Hardware: All zinc-plated hardware for better corrosion resistance
  • Finish: All open interior surfaces are cleaned and coated with anti-rust.
  • The exterior is painted on a phenolic-resistant base and finished with a blue-gray varnish. (Munsell 7.5BG4 / 2).

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